Basic Instructions

API Endpoint:


1. Register and log in to My Market News (see Authentication for more information)

2. Obtain your personal API Key found in My Profile

3. Open your tool that supports API calls* 

4. Enter in the API endpoint into your tool. See the endpoint below 

5. Enter your personal API Key  

6. Click Send

7. A list of all available reports will appear 

8. To search and filter through this list, add your search terms to the end of the API Endpoint.  See Sorting, Filtering, and Examples for more help.

9. View Response

10. Take the code from this tool and insert it into your data software

Important Note: The MyMarketNews API does not support open web browser calls. 

* This kind of tool is third-party software that helps you write code.  They are easily downloaded and available for free.  This guide is written for two of the most popular tools: Postman and cURL.