Tennessee Daily Grain Bids

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This report is a daily grain report containing bids and/or trades of grain commodities. Grain commodities are classed and graded based on official USDA standards or guidelines for coarse grains, oilseeds, and/or pulses. Price information is released by USDA’s Livestock, Poultry, and Grain Market News Division under the Voluntary Price Reporting authority of USDA’s Agriculture Marketing Service. This report contains price spreads and simple averages for individual grain commodities and may include a basis calculated from the current day or prior day close of a publicly traded futures price. The commodity exchanges used in calculating the basis are identified as either the Chicago Board of Trade, Minneapolis Grain Exchange, or Kansas City Board of Trade.

** 07/27/2020 - Report modified to include all TN Grain Reports (AMS_2961and 3088 ) **

Price information is collected remotely through phone communication, email, and company websites. Contact visits are made periodically to verify the price information is accurate, unbiased and relevant to the report. Reporters reserve the right to exclude insignificant data sets and outliers that are not consistent with the majority of the trades or bids. To ensure accuracy of these reports, reporters are recertified every two years.

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