Idaho Direct Hay Report

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This report is a weekly or bi-weekly hay report containing trades, ask, and offering prices for forage commodities which include hay, straw, and silage. Hay is classified and graded using USDA hay quality designations and guidelines based on test parameters and/or physical description.  Price information is released by USDA’s Livestock, Poultry, and Grain Market News Division under the Voluntary Price Reporting authority of USDA’s Agriculture Marketing Service. This report will display a price range and weighted average price for established trades, and a bid price range if a trade is not established, but an asking price is given by a potential seller or offering price given by a potential buyer.  

Price information is collected remotely through phone communication and email. Contact visits are made periodically to verify price information and quality assessment is accurate, unbiased and relevant to the report. Reporters reserve the right to exclude insignificant data sets and outliers that are not consistent with the majority of the trades or bids. To ensure accuracy of these reports, reporters are recertified every two years.

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