National Weekly Cutter Cow Cutout and Boxed Cow Beef Cuts (PDF) (LM_XB461)

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Several daily and weekly reports are published containing pricing and market information for Livestock Mandatory Reporting (LMR) commodities. All beef, cattle, lamb, pork, and swine commodities specified under the LMR Act are reported accordingly and organized per LPGMN formatting guidelines and instruction from USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service. Reports include volumes, pricing ranges, weighted average prices, and any additional required measurements.

Market information is submitted by reporting packers at required times specified in the Livestock Mandatory Reporting (LMR) Act. Reported data is verified using a multistep process where first a reporter contacts each participating company directly to verify, exclude or correct information that has been provided from packers during the current reporting time period. This data is also audited at the packer submission level by LPGMN using on-site compliance verification audits for each reporting plant. Packers must address all non-compliances found and respond to all requests for correction actions as applicable within the time frame specified by LPGMN reporting and compliance staff.

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