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This is a weekly auction held each Tuesday at the Ozarks Regional Stockyards in West Plains, Missouri. This auction contains feeder steers, heifers, and bulls. The weighted average report includes only feeder cattle; however, the auction report, if applicable, would include all of the livestock sold at the sale. All livestock that are included on these reports are graded and reported according to official USDA live animal standards and guidelines. These reports are organized according to USDA’s format guidelines and instructions, under the Voluntary Price Reporting authority of USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service. This report is released the Wednesday following the sale.

This report is generally released each week; however, throughout the summer receipts may become very light. If this happens, the Market Report and Supervisor will determine whether or not the auction will be covered.

Market information and data is collected throughout the course of the live auction, as the reporter will grade the cattle and record the pertinent information in the reporting tool. Information that the reporter must record for each lot includes the official USDA grade, weight, head count, and selling price. To ensure the accuracy of these reports, each Market Reporter is required to take a written test and apply their skills during an official live animal grading correlation with their supervisor every two years.

As the reporters attend auctions, they may use this time to visit/communicate with multiple segments of the industry. Buyers, order buyers, backgrounders, small-to-medium feeder operations, hobbyist farmers, large ranchers, auctioneers, and stockyard managers/owners as well as other producers present. This is a great time for the reporter to gain an insight and verify their thoughts about present market conditions.

The Ozark Regional Stockyards is located in Southern Missouri, also attracting Northern Arkansas producers. The first sale for this market was in 1983. After the sale is complete, the report is sent to several contacts that the reporter has established, as well as recorded on the Missouri Department of Agriculture’s recording system where individuals can call in and hear the market recording any time throughout the week.
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