U.S. – Mexico Livestock Imports/Exports

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  • US/Mexico Livestock Imports & Exports
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This is a weekly report containing volume information on livestock crossing the U.S. – Mexico Border. The report contains information on all classes of livestock that are being imported or exported through border crossings in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. This report will be released every Thursday containing information from the prior week.

**3/23/2023 - New PDF report that combined several previous published text reports (Al_LS600, AL_LS601, AL_LS602, AL_LS604, AL_LS605, AL_LS606, AL_LS625, and AL_LS635. **

Market information and data is collected from USDA-APHIS for import information, and private voluntary sources for export information. The import section includes volume broken down by port locations. This report will also include any livestock originating in Canada that pass through the United States to go to Mexico.

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