Trade Activity

Information will be obtained on the relative rapidity or slowness with which sales are being made, and the reporter also should observe and comment on any material changes in the pace of trading as the trade progresses through the day.  However, it is not necessary to mention trade activity in all reports unless there is a change from the normal activity at the market.  Aggressiveness of buyers in seeking supplies, attitude of sellers toward disposing or holding their supplies, and other signposts can indicate what the activity will be.  Such terms as "active," "moderate," "slow," and "inactive," usually are used to indicate the degree of action in relation to the normal activity of a given market or marketing area.  Trade activity should be given before price trends.  However, in some instances such as an active market at .50-1.00 lower prices, it is equally factual and more understandable to the producer to write the report, ".50 1.00 lower but active at the decline."  Trading activity is hard to define in direct and auction reporting areas and is often confused with demand.