What is a Report Landing Page?

Last updated:  March 17, 2021

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A Landing Page exists for each report published to My Market News. The Report Landing Page contains information specific to each report.  Below you will find information explaining the various sections of this page along with how to navigate to a landing page.

Landing Page Explanation:

1.  Slug ID, Slug Name, Market, Market Type, and the office location from where the report is published.

  • Image showing report info (Slug ID, Slug Name, Market, Market Type, and the office location).

2.  Description and Report Synopsis: Brief description containing release frequency, commodities included, and any other important information regarding the report.

  • Image showing Description and Report Synopsis sections

3.  API Documentation: Specific link associated with the report’s API and link to My Market News API information.

  • Image showing API information

4.  Report Available, Latest Release, and Next Release: Published dates and links to the report and data. 

  • Image showing report release dates

5.  Previous Releases: Link to previous published reports.

  • Image showing previously published reports

6.  Easier Access options: Users can use this feature to subscribe to reports and add as favorites. 

  • Image showing where to subscribe to a report or mark a report as a favorite

Navigating to a Report Landing Page:

1.  Access from url link in footer of report.  Not all reports have the url in the footer.  If not available, then proceed to item #2 below.

  • Image showing url in footer to access report landing page

2.  Access from 'Search Previous Reports' page on My Market News.  Link to each report landing page can be found in the 'Slug ID' column as depicted below.  

  • Image showing Search Previous Reports page on My Market News and link to access report landing page