My Market News – How to Set Up an Account


Follow the steps below to create an account on My Market News. If you need assistance or run into any problems during this process, please send email to:


Go to My Market News:

Click on the login button as shown below.

Example 1


This will take you to our E-Auth page to set up an account. 

Once on the E-Auth page.  Click create account as shown below.


Example 2


Then choose the customer selection and click continue as shown below.


Example 3


Put in your email address and click submit.

You will receive and email with a link for you to set up your password.


Example 4


Once you have your User ID and password you can go back to

This account set up will only need to be done once.  Please keep your username and password in case you want to log into the system again in the future.

Click Login button again.


Example 5


This will take you back to the E-Auth screen and you can put in your username and password in the spaces highlighted below.


Example 6


Your account has been set-up. Click on your name and click My Profile as shown below.


Example 7


User Profile Page Overview:

#1 - Subscription List:  List of reports user has subscribed to.

        Click here for Instructions on “How to Subscribe to Reports”.

#2 - Favorites: List of reports the user has set as Favorites.

       Click here for Instructions on “How to Add Favorites ”.

#3 - Create a “User saved Queries”:  List of saved frequently data queries.

       Click here for Instructions on “How to Save Queries ”.

#4 - User can retrieve their API key:  Unique key that enables users to retrieve data through the API.

       Click here to learn more about API and “How to Retrieve API Key”.

Example 8