How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to reports for email delivery?

Last updated:  April 22, 2021

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This guide is designed to aid users in subscribing to reports and to receive automatic email notifications when the report updates.  This can only be done from the landing page available for each report.  

1.  Log-in to your account. If you have not created an account, see instructions “My Market News – How to Set Up an Account.”


2.  Go to the “Landing Page” page for the report you would like to subscribe to.  For help navigating to a report landing page, see instructions "What is a Report Landing page."

  • Image showing example of a report landing page


3.  Scroll to the “Easier Access” section at the bottom of the page.

  • Image showing where on page to locate where to subscribe to report.  Item is located at bottom of page on left side and in a blue box.


4.  Click on the icon that looks like a paper airplane.

  • Image showing specific item to select.  Item is a blue box with a white paper airplane.


5.  The following changes will occur once successfully subscribed.  Box will change from Blue to Red, along addition of "Unsubscribe"

  • Image showing how item changes based on status.  In this case, the box changed from blue to red, as well as text was added "Unsubscribe".


6.  Now that you have subscribed to a report. You can view all report(s) you have subscribed to in your profile page in the 'User's Content Subscription List".

  • Image showing where on user profile page to view list of subscribed reports.


7.  To unsubscribe to a report,  all you need to do is go back to the report landing page, go down to the bottom of the page, and select “Unsubscribe”.

  • Image showing specific item on page to unsubscribe to a report.  Item is a red box that says unsubscribe.